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Kylee and Trisha Fuck Hard

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Blonde Kylee is one horny lesbian as she gets in front of the camera with her cute brunette girlfriend Trisha. They both look innocent and adorable as they begin kissing and fondling each other slowly and gently. Kylee takes off her pants and then her girlfriend’s skirt and begins lapping at her pierced slit. Watch the full video now!

Sativa Squirts All Over August’s Strapon

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

August gives her best friend Satva a hardcore lesson in hot lesbian sex in this amazing video. Satva’s shaved wet pussy swallows every inch of a huge dildo which gives her a squirting orgasm.

Two Smoking Hot Chicks Getting Wet & Nasty!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered what two hot chicks do for fun, then it’s your lucky day! It’s also Andie Valentinos, ’cause she’s gonna find out just how naughty April gets when she has a playmate.

Andie got so wet they began stripping for eachother down to there hot little pink bras and panties.

After both these fucking hot girls end up teasing eachother things quickly got naughty! April had Andie moaning while licking and fucking her pussy with her favorite dildo.

One things for sure; these girls love pussy!

Samantha Finally Fucked Marlena’s Brains Out

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Marlena was the bartender at a popular college bar. The bar was part of the club scene, usually the last stop of the night on the way to an after hours hotspot. By the time the s got to Marlena’s bar, they were already well past wasted.

Marlena was always excited when Samantha, a gorgeous, curvy blonde, came in with her friends. When she came in, she would sometimes sit at the bar and flirt with Marlena. Marlena would serve her liquid courage and pray that Samantha would invite her back to her dorm. One Friday night, she did exactly that.

At Samantha’s place, Marlena was quick to pull of Samantha’s shorts and panties, making her bend over so she could admire the ass she had adored from afar up close and personal. She spanked Samantha’s bare ass, jiggling it and rubbing it. Samantha got bored of this and stood up so she could help Marlena out of her clothes. She squeezed and rubbed Marlena’s nipples and licked her enormous breasts. Then she moved Marlena to the floor and opened her legs.

Samantha kissed down Marlena’s hard stomach and licked up and down her tanned thighs. When she had Marlena shuddering and shivering with anticipation, she lowered her face into Marlena’s snatch. She was already wet and her slippery clit seemed to slide easily between Samantha’s lips. Samantha plunged her finger into Marlena’s wet hole and fingered her while she sucked at her clit. She moaned and used her tongue to push Marlena closer to orgasm. Samantha licked faster, and pounded Marlena’s pussy with her fingers. She moved her fingers back and forth, rubbing Marlena’s g-spot. Suddenly, Marlena’s anticipation gave way; she released a huge squirting orgasm that drenched Samantha’s face, tongue, lips and hand in her dripping wet pussy juices.

Brea and Jessee Just Can't Resist Licking Each Others Pussies

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Brea and Jessee had been friends for years. They were so close, they even went to the same college. Brea and Jessee had been “friends with benefits” since their freshman year. Every few weeks, the girls would get together, get completely wasted, and go at it like there was no tomorrow.

One weekend, Jessee decided to stay home and not go out with the other sorority girls to the club. She had a big exam the following week, so she stayed behind to study. Brea was in the same class, so she studied with Jessee. But pretty soon, they were studying each other. Brea came over to Jessee’s desk and pulled up her tank top, revealing the perky little tits she had been thinking about for the last hour. She tweaked Jessee’s nipples and sucked her tits, making Jessee squirm in her chair. Then Brea moved her hands down to Jessee’s jeans; she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, taking Jessee’s thong panties with them. Brea slid her fingers into Jessee’s hot slit and found she was wet with anticipation.

Jessee leaned back in her chair and spread her legs for Brea’s tongue. Brea buried her face between Jessee’s thighs and moaned at the taste of her soaked twat. She sucked Jessee’s swollen clit, licking and slurping Jessee towards climax. Jessee’s body clenched and then released her orgasm all over Brea’s lips. Brea sucked up every drop of Jessee’s juices, licking her lips in pleasure. Then she got on all fours on the floor, presenting her shiny wet cunt to Jessee for a little taste.

Jessee slid behind Brea and stuck her fingers into Brea’s snatch. She felt Brea’s muscles contract around her fingers and she thrust them in further, making Brea squeal in lust. She lowered her face to Brea’s clit and sucked her, bringing her to orgasm in seconds and happily licking her cream off her pussy lips.

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Dasani and Leola Just Had to Fuck Once They Started Kissing

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

At a college party one weekend, Dasani and Leola decided to join in a friendly game of spin the bottle. The old rules let you spin again if the bottle pointed at someone of the same sex as the spinner, but the new college rules moved same sex spinners to kiss.

It wasn’t long until it was Dasani’s turn to spin the bottle. She spun and saw the bottle pointing right at Leola. Dasani was relieved that it was Leola, but both girls were new to the lesbian thing and were nervous. They crawled across the floor to each other and kissed, kissed more, then began licking and nibbling each other, pulling at each other’s clothes. Their hormones took over and they started fondling each other while the entire room of partygoers looked on.

Dasani suddenly had to see Leola’s beautiful tits. She pulled Leola’s top down and reached into her bra and brought out her boobs. She sucked Leola’s nipples while Leola reached down and began pulling Dasani’s thong panties down from under her skirt. Dasani was quicker, though, and she had Leola naked in a minute. She ran her hands all over Leola’s body, and then got on her knees and opened Leola’s pink pussy with her fingers. She inserted her fingers into Leola’s cunt while she licked at her swollen clit. Leola propped her foot up on a table to open herself wider for Dasani’s lapping tongue.

Leola stopped Dasani before she could make her cum. She pushed her to the floor and removed the rest of her clothes. The she spread Dasani’s legs, and did the same for her, slurping up her pussy juices and massaging Dasani’s swollen clit with her tongue. Using her index finger to rub her g-spot, Leola moved Dasani to climax right there on the floor at the party. Dasani’s embarrassment melted away as her juice dripped out of her pulsating cunt and off Leola’s chin.

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Bobbi Teaches Kirsten How to Fuck Like a Lesbian

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Bobbi was the dark haired, dark skinned beauty that all the guys wanted to fuck. Kirsten was a blonde, girl-next-door type who had a steady boyfriend. The girls knew each other from school, but never really hung out. One day, they were with their respective groups of friends when they ran into each other at the movies. Some of their groups knew each other and they ended up sitting together in a new horror flick. Bobbi and Kirsten sat next to each other in the theatre.

At one particularly scary moment in the movie, Kirsten jumped and buried her head in Bobbi’s shoulder. Bobbi found herself immensely turned on, and reached over to stroke Kirsten’s bare thigh under her skirt. Kirsten spread her legs a little to let Bobbi’s hand slide further up until her fingers were caressing Kirsten’s pussy through her cotton panties. The girls left on the pretext of going to the restroom, and headed back to Bobbi’s house.

Kirsten stripped herself naked in moments and stood naked and innocent before Bobbi’s skilled and experienced hands. Bobbi’s rubbed and nibbled Kirsten’s naked body and got her to the floor, then she brought out a special treat – a strap on dildo. Once she got it on, Kirsten got on her knees and sucked it, licking the shaft and head like she was really giving Bobbi head.

Kirsten asked Bobbie what to do next, and Bobbi lay down on the floor and told Kirsten to straddle the strap on. Kirsten opened her legs for the dildo, and she sat on the head, letting it sink into her wet snatch. Bobbi spread Kirsten’s thighs further to get the dildo into her tight hole, and fucked Kirsten’s pussy. Bobbi reached around and stroked Kirsten’s throbbing clit until Kirsten came all over Bobbi’s fingers and the strap on dildo.

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Mya and Loni Love to Rub and Lick Each Other

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Mya and Loni turn each other on so much when they are together. They just love kissing and making out and stripping each other down to their naked bodies. They love the sight of each others pert, erect nipples and the sight of this always makes them get hot and wet down below. They have been together for a long time and know what they are doing with each other and how to have fun. They also know what sort of things they each like to feel, and what they need in order to have a massive orgasm.

Mya has very sensitive breasts and really likes it when she is having baby oil or some other lubricant rubbed all over her body, and especially her tits. She loves how her tits look all wet and slick afterwards and how Loni gets excited just looking at them.

Loni is completely infatuated with Mya’s vagina and will spend hours pumping it with a dildo, or rubbing her clit, or even eating her pussy and sucking and licking on her clit to make her feel more pleasure and reach orgasm. Loni always knows when Mya is about to reach orgasm and she dives down on her pussy with great speed so that she can have her mouth over the entire vagina as Mya comes.

Mya loves this, and is never afraid to repay the favour. Mya will finger loni in the pussy and ass because this is what Loni always asks her to do. Loni loves pretending that she is being fucked in the ass, when actually it is just Mya working her special brand of magic with her fingers. She will be so wet that she can just come and have an amazing orgasm while Loni fucks her ass with her fingers all night long.

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Sue and Sara Let Loose and Fuck Each Other's Brains Out

Monday, April 16th, 2007

If there is one thing that will always turn on every guy, it is seeing two hot girls going at each other, trying to have sex with each other and giving each other as much pleasure as they possibly can. If you like to watch girls suck each others’ nipples, eat each others cunts and lick each others clits, then this is the right place for you my friend. Here, these girls just do not know when to stop and will do anything to each other, just to feel the pleasure of it, and just to know that they are exciting their audience who will be watching every single step they take in their voyage of sexual lesbian discovery.

These two girls really love getting their breasts out and licking each others nipples a lot. They can just suck and lick and eat those titties for hours on end. Another thing that they really like however, is to get down and dirty on each others clits. They love to start eating cunt. They will just get down on their hands and knees and suck and lick and eat their friend’s cunt for as long as she likes. They love the pleasure that they know they are giving to their friend, and also the taste of all that cunt juice going into their mouth and quenching their horny thirst.

Another thing they enjoy doing is fingering each other. They will really get excited licking each others fingers and then jamming them into their vaginas. Not only do they love the taste of another girl’s cunt, but they also like the taste of their own and will lick their fingers hungrily. These girls will really do anything they can think of to get an orgasm and feel the pleasure of another woman’s body.

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Mischa and Nyomi Make Each Other Cum Over and Over

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Mischa didn’t waste any time pushing her beautiful friend Nyomi back on the couch and spreading her long, tanned legs open so that she could start playing with her gorgeous pussy. Nyomi’s pink panties only just covered her crotch as her lover bent over her. She whispered in anticipation as Mischal leaned forward slowly and tugged aside the silky panties to expose her wet slit. The girls moaned with anticipation, spreading Nyomi’s legs further apart so that her partner could touch her swollen lips, feeling the soft, slippery skin.

Mischa pushed Nyomi to a sitting position and pulled her skimpy pink top down over her full, sweet breasts. Both girls were really into their love-fest as Mischa’s fingers wandered over the hard, exposed nipples, pinching and teasing the other girl until she gasped with pleasure. As she toyed with the gorgeous, dark nipples, Nyomi’s fingers slipped down to her clit which was aching for attention. She couldn’t help playing with herself to heighten the pleasure. Mischa’s attention got more intense and her biting and pinching got her lover even hotter. As she rubbed and teased those big, stiff nipples faster, Nyomi squirmed under her expert hands, writhing and moaning and begging for more.

When it was Mischa’s turn to get her cunt licked out, she was dripping wet. Nyomi pulled off her tight, slutty denim skirt and got her face between her lover’s legs. Her fingers slid between Mischa’s sopping wet lips, stroking her clit and making her ache to come. Mischa couldn’t help playing with her own clit as she got closer. Both girls got so hot as Nyomi’s fingers rubbed faster and faster, sliding over that sweet clit. She just had to have another taste, pushing her tongue inside and then flicking it against Mischa’s swollen little button, tasting her until she came hard, over and over.

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