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Sinnamon and Virginal Veronique

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Sinnamon is a bad girl; she loves to eat pussy, but even more than eating pussy, she loves to teach girls who have never fucked another girl to eat her pussy. So Sinnamon was very excited when she met Veronique. Veronique was a lesbian virgin: she had never had her tongue in another woman’s cunt before, and now she was about to learn from the best.

Sinnamon spread her longs legs for Veronique she Veronique could see every wet fold of Sinnamon’s cunt. Sinnamon told Veronique to stroke her clit, and she did, tentatively reaching her fingers over to Sinnamon’s pussy and gently rubbing her little nub. Sinnamon bucked her hips at Veronique’s touch. Her cunt started to throb and as Veronique continues stroking her clit, Sinnamon wanted to have Veronique finger fuck her. So Sinnamon made Veronique take two fingers and drive them deep into her soaking wet snatch. Sinnamon started to cum as Veronique found Sinnamon’s g-spot and massaged it. Then Sinnamon begged Veronique to lick her clit, and the feeling of Veronique’s flicking tongue sent Sinnamon over the edge.

After Sinnamon had cum all over Veronique’s hand and tongue, she got down between Veronique’s legs to reward her for her hard work. Sinnamon licked at Veronique’s little clit, making it swell with desire. Veronique opened her legs wider so Sinnamon could lap up all the pussy juices that were sliding out of her cunt as she came all over Sinnamon’s lapping tongue.

While she was coming on Sinnamon’s tongue, Veronique started to massage her tits and beg Sinnamon to put her fingers deep in her cunt. Sinnamon started with one finger, then two and three, moving then back and forth until Veronique came again, letting her cream squirt all over Sinnamon’s still-licking tongue.

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Julia Knows How to Make the Sluts Get Her Off Every Time

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Julia is a hot, sexy, Asian slut who just does knot know when to stop. She has been fucked by more women than anyone I know and she still frequently takes new partners and will have her way with them. She is very relaxed when she is having sex and always remembers to take her time and do wver feels good while they make love.

I’m not sure how she does it, but Julia always manages to persuade the other girl to go down on her and will have her eat out her cunt for her for as long as it takes to make her come. She’ll have those other girls work so hard on her cunt that when she finally comes they will often just collapse in exhaustion. She shows them her entire body, from her sexy feet all the way up to her sexy waist, and the r girls just do not know what to do. They lick her clitoris, and finger fuck her at the same time. Sometimes they will also try and fuck her with their tongues and try to make her come like that. Julia will just lie there the entire time and tell them how good it all feels and what they should do next. If you like to watch a woman’s body writhe in pleasure while she just lies there and takes in all of the feelings, then you should watch Julia when she is with other girls. She has very sexy legs and there is nothing that looks quite so good as seeing another hot bitch in between Julia’s legs, sucking and eating out her pussy and obeying Julia’s every little whim and order. And if they are very lucky, then perhaps Julia will return the favour and eat out their pussy for them too.

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